Refund & Cancellation Policy
Refund Policy and 100% Money Back Guarantee

Company guarantee and refund policy shall be understood as the following: 

A Plus Emergency Credit Repair shall guarantee a credit repair service will be provided as outlined in your custom fee agreement.

If you get negative items removed from your credit report or if your credit score increases during our "Expedited" or "Non-Expedited Program" then you don't qualify for a refund. 

You may not request a refund if you cancel the credit repair service before it's finished because you didn't utilize all of our services in order to maximize your results. 

Disclosure: Your results from the first dispute doesn't pre-determine the final results from finishing the credit repair service provided by our company

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your contract at any point. 

A client is free to cancel their contract within three days of signing the contract without incurring any penalty. 

Any payment made by the client will be returned within 15 days of canceling the contract.

Kindly send an email to if you want to cancel the credit repair service.